Цитаты на память. Моффат о Шерлоке и Ирэн. :)

Чат от May 21, 2012:

Colleen: Will Irene Adler ever return?
Steven Moffat: Irene - oh it's hard to know. What's left of their story? They've admitted how they feel - in their bonkers ways - what's left to tell, I could be lying of course, I could have the next chapter all sorted out in my head, in tragic, romantic, twisty-turny detail....

Jonathan: So Irene then. Did Sherlock truly love her? Or was she merely the catalyst for him discovering his heart and/or emotions?
Steven Moffat: Oh does it MEAN when a boy hacks up terrorists for you with a great big sword? She's one of the few people on Earth he cares about, whatever that means in his case. Fascinated by here. Thrilled by her. And for a moment, when he saw her, he thought maybe, just maybe, there's somebody else like me. What else is going on, the great man has not confided in his biographers.

Кроме того, Моффат на всякий случай подтвердил, что последняя сцена 2х01 не произошла только в голове у Шерлока:
"The scene does not take place in Sherlock's Mind Palace, nor could it," Steven confirmed, "He's been told a lie about where Irene Adler is, so he wouldn't have fantasied saving her from a terrorist cell, he had no reason to have to. No, he really does go and save her. He really does that, because if you remember earlier on in the story, Irene says, 'I make my way in the world, and my trick is I get people to be exactly where I want them, when I want them there. That's my super power. That's what I do.' Sherlock a few scenes later says, 'I'm the one guy you can't put a collar on' and at the very end… yep, he turns up dressed as an Arabian Knight and hacks up some terrorists, and Irene's sitting there going, 'Oh yes! Talk to me momma!'"

Да, у ещё Моффата крайне забавное восприятие, что Ирэн победила, потому что она все же получила Шерлока ровно там, где ей хотелось — в очередной раз спасающим её. :D

И заодно ещё Бенедикт:
"In fact, even Benedict voiced his opinion on the subject to a 2,000 strong audience during a sold out panel at the Cheltenham Literary Festival on 6th October, 2012, "Well you say he was beaten by her, but do you know what they got up to in Islamabad? Because I do. There was no beating. It was all very loving." "(c)

Кстати, учитывая виденье Моффата о том, что произошло дальше, после непосредственно показанного нам... ещё забавнее смотрится смеющийся Шерлок. Кажется, ему было над чем смеяться... ну, если суметь отнестись к этому с юмором. :D

"I actually wrote a scene about what happened afterwards, because I got so curious about it. I had Sherlock turning around after he had hacked up all the terrorists, still very cross, and sort of saying, 'I hope you don't think that this means I am in any way interested in you?' And Irene's already got a gun on him - as she picks up a gun from the floor - and says, 'No, but I am going to need male costume to get out of here.'
"And so Sherlock is left naked and Irene runs off dressed as him. That's what I think would happen next."

"I only wrote it not that long ago, I just got so curious," Steven admitted, "It's not so much about what they did that night, it's what they said to each other. You can imagine him so pissed off, because he lost again."

"Some people say he won; he lost, because he admitted he cared. Having hacked up terrorists with bodies all over the floor, him covered in blood, and he's trying to retain his dignity, saying, 'I was passing and it was a night I thought I'd hack up some terrorists… Oh, you're here, I didn't know. I don't even like you… oh, don't pull a gun on me…' [Irene] 'Strip!', [Sherlock] 'Oh, it's not fair. I saved your life!'
"And something like that happens between Irene and Sherlock every 6 months and THAT is their idea of a night of passion."

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